Surface Standards

Surface Standards

Surface standards provide a reference point before beginning any inspection procedure. The steel standards can also be used with the Hocking Weldscan probes.

Items shown in tables below are 3 notch standards with the following notch depth configurations:

English Units – .008” – .020” – .040”
Metric Units – 0.2mm – 0.5mm – 1.0mm

Part Order Number Designators

Part numbers for surface standards are composed of the following designators:

RS 0824 -7075T6
Series Notch Depths Specific Alloy & Temper
(see US Materials Table below)

Standard and Metric Unit Part Numbers

To view additional table columns, slide right side of table to the left.

Material Type Standard Units Part No. Metric Units Part No.
2024-T3 RS0824-2024T3 RS02051M-2024T3
4340 RS0824-4340 RS02051M-4340
6AL4V RS0824-T6AL4V RS02051M-T6AL4V
304 RS0824-304L RS02051M-304L
Inconel RS0824-I600 RS02051M-I600
Magnesium RS0824-MAG RS02051M-MAG
Bronze-Alum RS0824-BA13 RS02051M-BA13

US Materials (others available)

Type Alloy Part No. Designator
Aluminum 2024-T3 -2024T3
  6061-T6 -6061T6
  6061-T4 -6061T4
  7075-T6 -7075T6
Steel AS4340 -4340
  AS4130 -4130
Titanium 6AL4V -T6AL4V
Stainless Steel AISI 304L -304L
  AISI 303L -303
  15-5PH -155
  17-7PH -177
Inconel 600 -I600
  625 -I625
  700 -I700
Magnesium   -MAG
Bronze-Aluminum 13%IACS -BA13